Our Projects

Me to You Media is a niche market solutions provider. Borne out of the owners personal interests, Me to You Media has created the following online products which are currently in-use, generating revenue and services to the targeted niche communities they serve.

Niche Service Websites:

Tactical Class Finder (TACFinder)
TACFinder Logo Banner

TACFinder is a free service for consumers looking for trainers, ranges, gear, gun shops, and associated vendors, for firearms enthusiasts, and other parties interested in such pursuits. TACFinder was developed because there is no single source of such information on the internet.  Certainly there are several forums which cater to firearms enthusiasts of all types, but our extensive experience in the “tactical” type forums is that each forum is over taken by one particular trainer and their “fans”…thus, anyone who is NOT the trainer of choice is lost in the shuffle.  The same goes with product reviews and recommendations.

We have developed a way for the consumer to search for trainers in their area by inputting their zip code and desired search radius.  Another thing we do is an Amazon type review/ star rating for each profile.  The way we are different in that regard is that all of our reviews are viewed by me or my partner before they are posted.  This ensures that the review is from someone who actually attended the course, and not from a “shady” competitor attempting to sabotage someone.  Our policy is that all reviews will be posted, however a review below 3 stars is forwarded to the vendor for their review and rebuttal.  That rebuttal is posted with the review, so that both sides are presented in a fair and unbiased manner.  We do NOT edit reviews.  Additionally we have a master calendar wherein our listed members can list their entire training schedule if they so choose, and there are maps to the training venue, etc.

TACFinder has created the perfect, hi-tech yet easy to use website as the solution.  With the goal of becoming the one-stop “find what you need” resource, TACFinder can help the novice or professional alike locate what they need.

The search feature is integrated with custom icons, google maps, and has the ability of finding each location down to GPS coordinates with fully customized search fields designed for TACFinder.


Blogs/ Podcasts:

The Practical Tactical Podcast
PTP Banner Logo

Here you will find information, news, blog postings, and reviews about the firearms and gear industry, as well as our weekly podcast on the practical application of tactical principals and teachings for the everyday common person.

As we all know, basic learning begins in the classroom (or on the range), but the rubber meets the road, so to speak, in the real world. Let us to help you save hours, weeks, or even months of research on given topics in this arena by allowing us to pass on our years of actual real-world experience. We have had the arguments, and often lived them ourselves. Benefit from our years of trial and error and the common sense approach we take to solving the myriad of problems, questions, and arguments that abound within the “tactical” and firearms communities.

Our goal is to create valuable, informative, entertaining and engaging podcasts that will assist you on your journey–wherever it may lead you.


Music City Nation
MCN Banner Logo

Music City Nation is your inside track to country music.

Music City Nation is a weekly broadcast that showcases the artists, musicians and songwriters that make country music possible. It is a 1-hour format featuring an interview and discussion with one artist, musician or songwriter, their current projects and biggest hits! This is the first program of its kind and features unique and exclusive content that is unprecedented in the industry.

In addition to the free content provided, Music City Nation has a paid membership section which contains exclusive content and other valuable benefits for those who choose to participate in the Backstage- All Access program.

Additionally, Music City Nation partners with two charities annually to benefit from profit sharing of the site/show, and promotional and other assistance through our MCN Cares program.


In Development: 

Kelly Homemaker

Lets face it…the one thing that everyone wishes they had more of is TIME! Kelly Homemaker is the resource for all those people out there who just don’t have the time to be the woman (or man) around the house that they would like to be. Kelly shares great tips on cooking, decorating and design, party planning, homemade crafts and a variety of topics through blog posts and a weekly podcast. Kelly also offers homemaker services in her local area for those who are looking for a respite from the time sucking everyday grind of life.